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Dean Reilly

Commercial Manager

3 years and counting (the “Deanery” newbie) he ensures that all the works orders, accounts and general administration get done and supports the manufacturing operation. He is the vital link between production and the outside world, making sure that the impossible is achieved on time and at the right price. Another important task is keeping the office IT systems running – or more specifically fixing what Shaun has broken.





Shaun Adams

Managing Director

As the famous saying goes “I liked it so much I bought the company”. This is exactly what he did in 2012 after working with the existing management to develop the business and move it forward. An apprenticed engineer and cabinet maker with over 20 years business development and management experience across all manufacturing sectors.

He put his money where his mouth is and so far (all finger and toes crossed!!) the company goes from strength to strength year on year.



Tony Yeomans

Product Manager

He has over 40 years in the jewellery and luxury goods case making industry. He has made cases over those years for an array of distinguished customers including many of the worlds royal families and governments on six out of the seven continents (the Queen of the Antarctic penguins is proving  difficult to sell to at the moment .. but who knows).

He is now tasked with turning all our daft ideas into makeable products that will open up new markets and bring in new clients.


Dean Chamberlain

Production Manager

The longest serving member of the “Deanery” with 22 years in the presentation case making industry. Over the last 4 years he has been making some very nice cabinetry too. As well as producing the timber part of the product he oversees the general manufacturing process – ensuring orders are made and sent out the door.

He also gets to make sure Tony keeps a tidy work area – he is truly a modern day Sisyphus on this one! (Hes that old Greek bloke who spent eternity rolling a great big boulder uphill only to see it roll back down again).