It is said that there are no stupid questions – of course there are – I’ve spent years asking them!

So if the ones here don’t give you the answer you need or they are just too sensible for their own good, give us a call

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Can we have any colour & finish?

The majority of colours and finishes we can provide with our wide range of covering and lining materials.

What external coverings do you offer?

We offer a leatherette (paper based leather look material), real leather, rexine & majority of book binding material coverings. If you have a personal preference or other materials you would like us to try then given that they will practically work we can do that.    

What linings do you offer?

We have a wide variety of linings from standard satin, velveteen & suedette to the more higher standard velvet and alcantara. If you have a personal preference for other linings or wish to supply your own then this can also be done.

Can you repair old cases?

We offer refurbishing for antique cases that can vary from structural stability to updating the inside linings/ inserts, if we feel that a case is too far gone we can remake it but still keep its authenticity with an antique “look”.

What are the cases made from?

We make cases from both MDF and Plywood depending on the size and strength needed for the case, with other work (e.g. plinths, trophy bases, honours boards etc) we use a variety of real woods, everything from oak to sapelle to mahogany.

Can we have any colour?

Predominately yes, we have a wide variety of colours and textures available to use. We cant do a pantone match unfortunately but can get as close to as possible.

Can your cases be personalised?

We offer a foil printing option so that if you have a royal warrant, crest or initials then we can personalise. We also offer a coloured printing option although this is a lot more costly.

Can you make cases from our drawings?

Yes, given that they are practically feasible then we can and have made every type of case possible – although we are always up for a new challenge should it arise.

What is your average lead time for delivery?

Our production averages between 2-4 weeks per contract, although we understand that things can be very last minute and may be able to help with a very quick turnaround. Please call to discuss the options.

What is the minimum order?

There is no such thing as a minimum quantity here, cases are handmade and bespoke per job so whether its one or a thousand we can cater for all needs.

If you have any questions we would like to hear from you.